Meet Dan Chiles

Meet Dan Chiles Complete Outdoor
A few years ago while working for a pool company here on the Outer Banks I saw a need that home owners had and decided to try to fill that need for them. That need being a company to handle all their homes outdoor maintenance needs. From pools and spas, to pressure washing, and landscaping. I already had previously owned a landscaping company, worked directly with the owner of a pressure washing company, and built swimming pools as previous occupations. Now I was cleaning, servicing, and repairing pools and spas on the Outer Banks. The idea came to me watching all the different companies that work on individual homes here on the Outer Banks. I decided that I could simplify home owners lives by maintaining and repairing the three main aspects of their outdoor maintenance needs; the pool and spa, the yard, and of course the house. I take pride and pleasure in my work and I treat my clients houses as if they were my own. So whether its your pool and spa, your house and decks, or your lawn that needs cleaning or maintenance, Complete Outdoor can handle it for you. So if you are interested in simplifying some of you maintenance needs, and probably saving some money also, please give us a call or an email and we will give you a free estimate on any work you need. Thanks, Dan Chiles.

Dan Chiles Owner Operator
Dan Chiles Owner and Operator
My name is Dan Chiles and I am the owner of Complete Outdoor. I have lived on the Outer Banks since 1994. My wife, daughter, and myself live in Southern Shores and are ecstatic to call the northern Outer Banks our home.